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It’s easy, instant and anything can happen.
Yolo Screen Shots


How it works step 1

Post a selfie

Post a photo! Your face, your friend’s face, the dancefloor. Whatever. This will be visible for 60 mins

How it works step 2

Connect with others

Find someone fun to take
your night to the next level.

How it works step 3

Chat & Meet

Get going! You only have
30 mins to chat and meet.

Yolo screenshots

Simple, easy and very instant

Introducing YOLO, the nightlife chat app that lets you meet cool people and start something fun instantly. We made YOLO because we believe meeting new people is the most important part of any great night out. And when it’s as easy and instant as this, anything can happen. No matter if you're looking for the next, great party, a couple of buddies to have a drink with or maybe some crazy invites only event. Give a try.

YOLO is currently only available in Copenhagen, Denmark, but will soon be launched in other major cities during 2018. YO us at info@yoloapp.net.